The Bridge Buster

Last week, we installed the bridge buster which is nothing but a small set of tiller tines mounted on an axle. Each one is detachable so we can repair bent ones and occasionally replace worn ones.


Above: pillow block bearings

The old shaker hydraulic motor was moved down the supports to fit onto a 1 inch steel shaft on which the tines were fixed. When the controller calls for the Shaker, the motor turns the tillers and ensures a very smooth load of dirt falls down into the press cylinder.

The steel shaft holding the tiller tines is supported by two pillow block bearings mounted on the outside of the hopper. Note the “eyebrow” on the inside over the shaft. These two eyebrows keep dirt from falling out the hole where the shaft passes through the sides of the hopper.

We have one more version of the controller program to test and then we should be able to make 90 blocks of various mixtures of soil, cement and other stuff, to see which formula produces the strongest block with the least additive.

In the next blog, you will see how the soil is sifted and then mixed with cement.

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