CEB Controller Perfection

While the final bugs have been worked out this winter on the machine and its ancillary support technology like a hopper and conveyor, we’ve taken the slack time to re-work the electronic controller and install all the bells and whistles that I wanted and Rex Bell could think of. It is extremely compact and jam-packed with connectors and switches, but it is an incredible controller!


Every single circuit has an LED that indicates that it is in use. Every step has a Text Read-Out to tell you either what to do or what is being done or if something is out of sync. It is a remarkable piece of work. I think it is unparalleled in the industry.

I’ve included a sketch with a label of each component and switch. Note the insert of the entire gray controller box and the black box (with 4 colored buttons) that is the remote control on a tether. Gives you some perspective as to its tiny footprint tucked in between the uprights that protects it from dust, rain and vibration. The 4 button remote control box allows me to walk around and operate this machine while I’m watching it perform.

The controller allows me to either “step” through the entire block making procedure one step at a time or push “Start” twice and it will run on automatic until I stop it. I can also pause it and resume the sequence it was in. Since we have removed the old hopper and built a remote unit that is easier (and safer) to load, the old shaker motor will now run the conveyor belt that will deliver sifted dirt to the cut-down, old hopper. I can turn the conveyor motor on with a toggle switch or it will come on automatically if I push auto start.

Obviously I am tickled about this piece of work Rex Bell and his crew have invented! We are deep into the conveyor design and fabrication and I hope that as soon as the weather warms a wee bit, we’ll get on with the serious job of making 500 blocks a day—hopefully more, but two old folks may have to set our sights a little lower than most. We’re just a full year behind schedule right now, so a few more days will make no difference.

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