Dream Come True

A few days ago this monster set of tanks for the methane digester arrived from the nearby shop. Everybody’s happy. I can say that methane dreams do come true! Now we wait for the rain to let up and the soil to dry a bit so we can excavate the hole and set the bigger tank in wet concrete. It’s 9ft. in diameter and 8ft. deep. The smaller float tank or gas collector is 8 ft. in diameter and 4ft. deep.

Digester Delivery.jpeg


We unloaded the tanks and set to work cleaning them of all rust and dust, then applied an epoxy seam sealer that prevents any leaking or rusting through where the welds were made. This stuff is amazing and was not very expensive since so much of it is used in the gas and oil fields around here.

© Dan Schellenberg seam sealing.jpeg


Once the steel was rust free, clean and sealed, we applied a very tough, epoxy-tar paint that appears to be like hard as glass once its dry. It should last for years preventing rust and leaks in all the tanks.

© Dan Schellenberg Epoxy tar.jpeg


There will be a lot of piping to install, and we have to make the digester inlet and outlet from 12 inch diameter culverts. 200 feet of ¾ inch pex tubing will be wound around the large digester tank to be sure the slurry stays warm at all times. The hot water to this jacket will come from the generator engine and be set by a thermostat. Once the pex is on, we will insulate the larger tank with 1 inch thick, shiny-sided insulation foam-board and wrap all that with 2 layers of 6 mil. plastic before it is picked up and set on its concrete base and back-filled.

I’ll keep the blog current as we get the tank in and finish each step in piping for gas collection and distribution to the engine room. With all the rain, finding the grass to load this thing won’t be hard.


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