Big Moves

We were extremely happy to have cracked the code for mixing cement and silt for CEB block making. However, the line between too much water and not enough required so much shoveling and inspecting in the pile that, once we proved it could be done, we gave up on the old, silty pile we had stock-piled for the CEB house. I’m too old to kill myself on bad dirt. Notice in the photo we leveled the dam and created a second entry loop on it and we have enough room for a small vineyard and an entry gazebo.

We moved the 3000-pound machine and hydraulic tractor to a site closer to the building pad, and we will import select fill of 60-40 sand-silt materials for the blocks now. We had a neighbor with his trac-hoe pick the machine up and place it on its new spot.

We’ll make 2000 blocks for the energy bunker with about 30 tons of imported soil and what is left over will go to leveling the house pad.

Moving block machine

Block machine and hydraulic rover in new location.

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