The Big Pour


Once the pour gets under way, you need three people to get it placed quickly since it will get hot in the truck after a time. Two people push and pull the 2x4 screed board while the third feeds it to be sure the surface is level and the body of the slab is properly bulked—won’t dip after it sets. We further ran small vibrator into every pier and around every conduit.

Once the slab was screeded, I took a few minutes to trowel (or float) the floor. This pulls up pure concrete and makes an extremely hard surface and, of course, such stroking makes it all smooth and level. You don’t want to add too much water to this float job or you will get crazing or tiny cracks showing up in about 24 hours. Since this floor will be a work space and the need for safety is high, I broom finished the floated surface to add deep scratches to assure traction.


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